Website Building

Website Building using WordPress



WordPress is probably the most used software for developing websites across the globe. Earlier WordPress was more popular amongs bloggers but now-a-days even non-bloggers use it extensively.  It is an open source tool that gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility to experiment and develop your website without much trouble.
Even if you are not a website developer or a technical expert, you can still use this tool and develop your own website as per your requirement and your taste. There are various other benefits which make WordPress the most popular tool for building a website:

Ease of Use

WordPress is an open source and free of cost tool which helps you develop a website very easily. You can install and setup in no time. It has very user friendly interface which lets user add new pages, images and post new information very quickly.

With various themes and templates available, you can change the look and feel of your website without any technical support. Since it is a browser based tool, you can manage your website from any of the network connected computer.

As an administrator, you can authorise multiple users to maintain the website with different access levels and capabilities. This makes it very easy to manage your website and you need to be dependent on the website developer to update a post or upload an image.

Flexible Functionality

WordPress provides you extreme flexibility in extending various functionalities on your website. It has numerous plugins and widgets that let you add many features and functionalities and customize your website without technical expertise.

You can have an event calendar, photo gallery, video links, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many more functionalities on your website with these widgets and plugins. These plugins are generally free or are very inexpensive.

As an administrator of your website, you can maintain the layout of your page on your own without much technical expertise simply by adjusting widgets and plugins or changing the theme.


WordPress based websites are extremely scalable. You can easily add hundreds of pages, posts with various plugins and widgets to your website without affecting the performance of the site.

You can add pages to navigation menus or provide links to new updates to enhance the users’ experience. Adding additional pages are easy and secured. WordPress does not require HTML editing software. You can add a new page, format text, upload or edit images, upload documents and videos without any additional HTML or FTP software.

Blogging Capabilities

WordPress tool was initially developed as a blogging platform therefore various blogging capabilities are in-built and can be easily integrate to your website, if required. You can set up RSS / email subscriptions to your website or allow users to comment on your articles or use it as product review system.

Since WordPress keeps the content of the website in a very structured manner attaching meta tags such as keywords and description, it help major search engines to show your content or website on higher priority