Dumpster Technology

Benefits Of Dumpster Camera Technology



Our customers tell us that three key issues keep them awake at night: how to reduce trash costs, how to keep hauler accountable when service needs aren’t met,& how to implement the new sustainability targets, whether mandated by governments or their own company offices. To address these challenges, we installed Compology camera technologies in all of dumpsters by 2020. The following are the top five advantages of dumpster camera technology.

Spend Less On Waste.

Dumpster cameras have been reported to save up to 30% in comparison to pre-camera levels of service. This savings is mostly due to fewer unneeded pickups and lower recycling contamination fees. The use of dumpster camera technology allows us to determine the true waste volume produced by a client (rather than just an guesstimation). We can then adjust their service level to prevent them from overpaying on pickups.

Compology dumpster camera technologies can also detect over six different types of pollution with 98 percent accuracy. Customers can more readily detect and remove pollution in their recyclables before being charged high fees.

Reduce The Number Of Pickups

It should come as no surprise to everyone reading this that the year 2020 saw significant changes in commercial garbage service levels. Although businesses were closed during the closure, their garbage contracts remained in effect. During unplanned business disruptions, such as a global epidemic or a natural disaster, dumper camera technology can help eliminate some of guesswork from waste volume predictions.

During the peak of the epidemic, one of our customer saw their trash output reduce by nearly half. Despite this, they continued to pay for trucks that were nearly empty. We were able to obtain a better look at their real trash amount and alter their service schedule thanks to camera technology. Customers save money, and vehicles spend fewer time on the road because there are fewer pickups. As a result, the carbon footprint is reduced.

Encourage Zero Waste

Zero Waste objectives are being set by businesses and communities all across the world. Microsoft, for example, has set a lofty goal of removing 90% of its trash from landfills & incineration by 2030, as well as generating 100% recyclable gadgets and packaging. They’ve also pledged to construct infrastructure to recycle anything from electronic to food trash.

What does this mean for landlords and property managers? Increased waste awareness Dumpster cameras reduce wasteful pickups and truck traffic, but they also reduce carbon emissions. You can evaluate the sorts of waste created and uncover new recycling prospects using camera technology. You can also avoid contamination of existing waste streams by recycling.

Limit Contamination.

The six most prevalent contamination categories may be identified with 98 percent accuracy with Compology garbage cameras. Furthermore, their own artificial intelligence technology is continually learning to aid with contamination detection.

You used to have to personally check the recycling garbage & hope that everyone was recycling properly. Contamination is, of course, a big issue at most sites. Dumpster camera technology eliminates guessing, ensuring that your recyclables are recycled rather than directed to a landfill due to contamination. Not to mention the money saved on fees.

Check Your Rubbish Removal Service.

When it comes to manual verification, how can you know if a waste pickup took place when no one is present? The shutdown meant that no one was on location for days or weeks at the time for so many of our customers. Trash was column up for several of these establishments, either due to missed scheduled pickups or a significant rise in the waste production (for eg, take-out restaurant & apartment buildings).

Dumpster camera technology could track when (or if) a pickup happens when no one is present to confirm scheduled service. This data can be used to hold transporters accountable. The information can also be used to resolve billing or service concerns. Compology’s artificial intelligence technology may learn the facility’s servicing schedule & dumpster volume over time, alerting operators to potential overflow scenarios.